About Us

We live in a society that binges on mass-produced conventional products, which exemplified how ingrained the herd mentality is within our psyche. We do not mind looking the same as the next person or blending into the crowd and living a routinized life which conforms to our neighbour’s idea of living. In this process, we have been missing out on what could potentially enrich our body, mind and soul. But, a new wave of realization has hit the society as a group of strong-minded individuals have started to look beyond the mediocre and mundane normal lifestyle. Revollt is a revolutionary platform where artisans, organic farmers and indigenous small-scale manufacturers can market their products to those who have made this decision. From relatively unavailable items that are manufactured by cottage industries to single units of exquisitely designed handcrafted linens, Revollt sells everything one will not find easily in today’s popular market places. Every artistically inspired creation that’s owned by an individual will be uniquely theirs forever. Revollt steps outside the norm that typical businesses follow. With our unique clients and products, we rebel against conventional ideologies of living for those who believe in more.